Why We Add Value

We are knowledgeable about combining cost-effective alternatives with higher end splurges to make your budget go further, achieving the greatest value for your dollar. 

We have the talent to incorporate and combine new design elements with existing architecture, furniture and other belongings, creating cohesive interior environments. 

We are skilled at engaging clients in defining their vision of home, refining and tailoring our design to reflect our clients’ personal style and tastes. 

We have the resources and experience required to organize and facilitate interior design projects easing the inconvenience of renovating.

Renovation Project Management: 

Interior Designer vs General Contractor

Whether to go with an Interior Designer or a General Contractor is entirely up to you and your renovation needs. Either way, trust is the most important factor. Your project will run smoother and be less stressful, for everyone involved, if you take the time to find the right person for your renovation project. 

Learn more about the differences between interior designers and general contractors managing your rennovation project.


  • To remain current and inspired by consistently recognizing and capitalizing on opportunities to learn.

  • To share the development of our knowledge and talent through education, experience and creativity.

  • To enrich lives by contributing to, and promoting, the world as a beautiful and nurturing environment to live.


Calgary, Alberta

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