Renovation Project Management Process

Our Process

We compile a list of all necessary trades and provide you with a project management quote based on the time it takes to prepare a scope of work and do a walk-through with each trade. 

If you decide to proceed with us we require a signed contract and 50% deposit for the project management fee.

 A detailed scope of work for each trade is prepared, including specifications for all selected finishes, standard of work required, finishing details, and installation instructions and locations.

We schedule a walk-through with each trade to discuss the scope of work and identify potential problems and concerns. Together the Interior Designer and specific trade review and revise the scope as required.

An accurate project budget is created itemizing the cost of finishes, fixtures and trades.  If required we discuss and adjust the finishes, fixtures and design to fit within your budget.

Once the budget has been approved we require a signed contract and 50% deposit for trades and materials (non-returnable materials require a 100% deposit).  

We order all finishes and fixtures, and schedule trades based on the quoted delivery lead-times.

We track orders, arrange delivery to site, and inspect all products prior to installation.  Working closely with trades, we ensure timely completion and quality results.  Should a complication arise, we discuss and problem-solve on site, with required trades. 

In a situation where additional work is either required or requested we will prepare a written quote and discuss the situation with you prior to proceeding.

Final payment for fixtures, finishes and furniture is due prior to installation.  Final payment for trades is due upon completion of their work.  We do a walk-through with you to ensure your satisfaction with all completed work.  If there are deficiencies, a percentage of the final payment will be held back until all concerns are rectified.


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